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Lou-Ann Virtual Personal Assistant

LAVA, owned and run by Lou-Ann Theunissen, is a game-changing personal virtual assistant designed to revolutionise how you manage your business tasks. With her comprehensive range of services, LAVA is your trusted partner, offering various essential business support functions.

LAVA brings efficiency, productivity, and convenience to your daily operations. Whether you're a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or a busy professional, LAVA is here to assist you in streamlining your tasks, managing your schedule, and providing intelligent insights to drive your business forward.

Key Services and Benefits
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Key Services and Benefits

A personal virtual assistant is an invaluable asset in today's business
world, where efficiency, agility, and focus are paramount.

Secretarial Services

LAVA acts as your virtual secretary, providing a range of administrative support. From composing emails to drafting reports and managing correspondence, LAVA assists you with essential secretarial tasks, saving you time and allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Travel Arrangements

LAVA handles your travel planning needs, arranging flights, hotels, and rental cars. With LAVA handling your travel logistics, you can stay focused on your business while enjoying smooth and hassle-free travel experiences.

Administrative Duties

LAVA lightens your administrative workload by assisting with various tasks. Whether it's data entry, file organisation, or document management, LAVA streamlines administrative processes, enabling you to work more efficiently and effectively.

Data Entry

LAVA provides accurate and efficient data entry services, ensuring your information is organised correctly. From inputting data into spreadsheets and databases to managing CRM systems, LAVA saves you time and helps maintain data accuracy.

Telephonic Messaging

LAVA is your virtual receptionist, handling incoming calls and messages professionally. With LAVA managing your calls, taking detailed messages, and relaying important information, you can focus on your work without worrying about missed communications.

General Typing

LAVA offers reliable typing services, assisting with transcriptions, report preparations, and other typing-related tasks. LAVA's proficient typing skills ensure prompt and accurate deliverables, supporting your business needs.

Calendar Management and Appointment Scheduling

LAVA efficiently manages your calendar, coordinating appointment scheduling and organisation. LAVA sends reminders, handles rescheduling requests, and ensures your schedule is well-managed, allowing you to stay organised and never miss an important meeting.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Support

LAVA handles basic bookkeeping tasks, helping you keep your finances in order. From managing expenses to handling invoices, LAVA ensures your financial records are accurate and well-organised, giving you peace of mind.

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